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Simuladores de arma e treinadores de guarnição

Van Halteren Defence supplies high quality products and services to clients of the international defense market.

For over 30 years, Van Halteren Defence produces road wheels for military vehicles. Since 1990, Van Halteren is manufacturer and supplier of artillery simulation products. Its crew training systems for artillery are used in several countries, with the exclusive system of ammunition recognition ARES®.

Van Halteren works with join-development programs of several Armed Forces and of the Royal Dutch Army (RNLA). The company offers warranty, ILS and technical assistance services throughout the system’s complete life-cycle, from the assembly and integration up to maintenance, repair and overhauling. It has provided MRO services for BVS10 and Bushmaster.

Van Halteren produces real call for fire simulators and howitzers crew trainers (HCT) through replicas or with the use of real howitzers or main battle tanks by replacing some of its components to simulation items ("Appended"), having developed several HCT trainers for M109, PzH2000, M101, AS90 and Caesar, among others, and simulators for mortar launchers (MORSIM) and for combat fighting vehicles (main battle tanks), like the CV90.

van halteren - militar
van halteren - militar
van halteren - militar
  • High caliber guns simulators

  • Crew Trainers, firing simulation integrated with Howitzers’ communication and fire control systems

  • Exclusive ammunition recognition system (ARES®)

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