High Technology in Unpowered Thermal Targets


The thermal targets ThermBright ® allow a sharper vision than conventional heated targets.
Available in several different silhouettes (including 3D targets) to simulate different types of targets, resulting in a more realistic experience.

Using an innovative component, the ThermBright ® thermal targets are not powered by any energy or heat source, thus emulating the thermal signature through a process that generates the thermal effect for visualisation by a thermal visor (night vision).

By setting the targets in a plain terrain and position it with an inclination of tem degrees back, the thermal contrast effect is immediate. The targets can be used during the day or night and at any meteorological condition.

The ThermBright ® targets are visible at more than 2 km distant. The thermal visibility is excellent and the targets were tested at length in all world by the British Army and by other armies, including the Brazilian Army.

  • No energy or fire power

  • Easy to handle

  • Day and night use

  • Adverse meteorological conditions

  • Reusable (with healing patches)

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