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Teledyne ICM has more than 20 years of history, all of whichfully dedicated to develop portable x-ray scanners. Such experience is currently used in a vast array of applications and uses, from a quick x-ray screening rearch of suspect explosive devices until the inspection of lost luggage in airports or the scanning of car trunks in border control checkpoints.

Developed to and in cooperation with anti-bomb squads and EOD teams, the FLATSCAN 15 and the FLATSCAN 30 combine the necessary features to work fast and with precision in any type of environment.

The background experience of Teledyne ICM is not limited to the manufacturing of extremely reliable products. With Teledyne ICM, you will be always sure of benefiting of an premium post-sales service with technical assistance wherever you are!

Teledyne ICM supplied Flatscan 30 scanners to the Brazilian Marine Corps of the Brazilian Navy.

X-Ray detectors, integrated by a single system controlled by a portable computer, to identify threats of bombs, arms and drugs

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