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Enhancing and preserving workers’ lives

Survival Systems Limited offers a diversified range of simulation products for safe underwater egress training from helicopters and other vehicles out of modular trainers with use of elevation systems for ditching simulation powered by electrical energy with an emergency pneumatic (air) retract motor. The devices contain technology for sound effects to improve and enhance the fidelity and realism of the underwater egress training.

  • Manufacturer of the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®) and of Elevation Systems for the METS® – Crane (SmartJib™) for elevation and ditching, Twin and X Gantry-Hoists.
  • Designer and Operator of the Survival Training Simulation Theaters (STST®); Supplier of STST® including services of Consulting, Project Analysis, Project Management, Construction.
  • Supplier of Training aid tools for STST® to increase the training realism; Supplier of complete systems “Suite Solutions™”
  • Provider of egress training for amphibious vehicles, aircraft (rotating and fixed wings) and vessels, including "parachute" and "fast rope" (rappel).
  • Fulfills the requirements for “OPITO” accreditation.
  • Supplier internationally renowned for provision of High-fidelity Underwater Egress Training and solutions for the Military, Offshore, Maritime, Aviation and Industrial business sectors.

treinamento de escape
treinamento de escape
treinamento de escape

Military and Civilian Helicopter Ditches 1971-2005 (Taber & McCabe)

Ditching probability

  • 5.7 / 1MM one ditch for each 170.000 flight hours
  • 92% with less than one minute warning
  • 78% with less than 15 seconds of warning
treinamento de escape

Floating X Sinking

  • 511 ditching reports
  • 382 helicopters in kwon position after water ditch
  • 56 (15%) kept floating
  • 326 (85%) sunk
    Out of the 326 that inverted: 250 (69%) capsized immediately
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