Range Systems

Solutions for Real Fire shooting training

The US company Range Systems Inc., with head offices in New Hope, Minnesota, supplies its products Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™, which enable extraordinary ballistic protection, durability and a vast array of application which no other material can combine.

In addition to materials for shooting ranges and sporting shooting, ballistic baffles and acoustic treatment, the company also offers Shoot Houses for real fire training of the special operations and special forces tactical training, like hostage situation, preventing ricochet and perforation of the rounds fired with tactical application that can be easily customized for delivery of specific needs.

Range Systems Inc. supplied a "Shoot house" to the Brazilian Marine Corps of the Brazilian Navy.

  • Ballistic rubber Dura-Panel™, Dura-Bloc™ , panels with acoustic coating (anti-noise) and non inflammable (self-extinguishing). Cold- pressed.
  • Targets, bullet-traps, panels and equipment for shooting ranges.
  • Modular shoot houses, with possibility of combining real and virtual training devices.
  • Material for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

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