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Dynasafe Protection Systems provides explosive containment solutions to protect businesses and organizations against the effects of explosions. Its business sectors include defence (e.g. EOD-teams), law enforcement (e.g. SWAT-teams), airports (e.g. security check points), public security (e.g. security companies) and industry & research (e.g. laboratories).

Dynasafe Protection Systems provides technology to neutralize and contain explosives and CBRN threats.  Its systems are designed to protect businesses and the public from the disastrous effects of an explosion.  Since 1991, Dynasafe’s systems have been trusted worldwide to support the military, industry and public safety professionals who manage and contain explosives and CBRN threats. Its explosive containment systems are scalable and are customized to the requirements of the client.

Dynasafe understands the mission of the bomb technician. Its unique vessel design reflects this understanding. Dynasafe’s containment vessels offer the largest door opening within their explosive rated category. Dynasafe’s distinctive 270⁰ rotating door enables bomb technicians to quickly secure a suspect package inside the vessel, which reduces the window of opportunity of the explosive device to cause harm to people and damage property. Lastly, Dynasafe’s patented door mechanisms and gas-tight pneumatic system, ensure that hazardous gases remain safely inside the vessel after a detonation.

If suppression chambers are sufficient, we provide a simpler solution; always maintaining the Dynasafe quality. By discussing your safe bomb disposal and related security issues and requirements at an early stage we are able to provide the optimum solution for the situation.

Dynasafe's most in-demand chamber is the DynaSEALR X (formerly MECV). It provides gas-tight containment for toxic substances such as chemical and biological agents.

Why select a Dynasafe containment chamber?

  1. DDESB Certification for 10 repeated detonations.
  2. Largest door opening on the market.
  3. Every chamber is live tested for containment of explosive fragments and hazardous gases.
* Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board dos EUA
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