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Defense Consultoria provides strategy consulting in matters of Procurement & Business Development in Brazil for medium-sized companies and large organizations from several countries around the globe, with specialized advisory with focus on the client’s needs and the necessities of each business, sector and enterprise, offering, amongst others, the following activities:

  • Assistance in the identification (spotting) of alternatives for selection of the Brazilian domestic partners for the complementation or outsourcing of the nonresident company’s activities towards its Brazilian customers, such as in the integration, manufacturing, assembly and local technical assistance (under warranty contracts) in projects of sales, joint development with local production (partial or total) in Brazil, transfers of technology (ToT) and licensing of trademarks, brands and patents, and R&D projects.
  • Indication and engagement, assignment or subcontracting of other service providers or advisers (when necessary), such as accountants, attorneys/solicitors, auditors, translators, intellectual and industrial property agents, product and systems certification companies and organisms, immigration expediters (working visas) and customs clearance agents.
  • Support in scheduling hearings, audiences, meetings and visits with commanding officers and authorities with decision-making powers for purposes of making demonstrations, presentations and delivery of commercial proposals.
  • Follow-ups in the development of projects and assignment between divisions in connection with studies, researches, analysis and implementation, in all phases and steps.
  • Advisory and consulting with focus on the proposal submission (in response to RFQ’s), delivery and post-sales, informing and clarifying the client about rules and requirements, offering options and alternatives of potential business partners and service providers in matters of product certification, product’s testing, anti-bribery and AML legislation, foreign exchange controls, Brazilian taxes, Offset rules and norms and foreign trade legislation.
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