Military Defense and Homeland Security

Defense Consultoria represents in Brazil a broad and varied range of foreign suppliers of products with recognized quality and enjoying a good reputation in the international marketplace of Defense and Security.

We advise and assist in the management of projects and we carry out promotion and marketing of the products and services our principals towards Brazilian armed forces and homeland security institutions, with greater focus on prevention and protection; Simulation and Training; and high-performance watercrafts. For more information, please double-click the logos below and contact us if you need a price-quotation or personal demonstration.

You can’t choose your threat, but you can choose your protection

  • CBRN vehicle protection
  • Clean Rooms and isolation systems for transportation of patient
  • Vessels with protection CBRN / NBC

Solutions for Real Fire shooting training

  • Ballistic rubber Dura-Panel™, Dura-Bloc™ , panels with acoustic coating (anti-noise) and non inflammable (self-extinguishing). Cold- pressed.
  • Targets, bullet-traps, panels and equipment for shooting ranges.
  • Modular shoot houses, with possibility of combining real and virtual training devices.

Enhancing and preserving workers’ lives

  • Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®)
  • Provider of egress training for amphibious vehicles, aircraft (rotating and fixed wings) and vessels, including "parachute" and "fast rope" (rappel).

Producing high quality watercrafts for any mission

  • Inflatable Boats of 4 up to 5.3 metres long
  • Rigid Inflatable Boats from 5m and up to 15 metres/li>
  • Patrol Watercrafts of high-speed from 10 to 15 metres long

Make the world a safer place!

  • Technology to neutralize and contain explosives and CBRN threats

Leading the way

  • High caliber guns simulators
  • Exclusive ammunition recognition system (ARES®).


  • X-Ray detectors, integrated by a single system controlled by a portable computer, to identify threats of bombs, arms and drugs.

High Technology in Unpowered Thermal Targets

  • No energy or fire power
  • Easy to handle
  • Day and night use
  • Reusable (with healing patches)

  • Market research and comparison in respect of the products of our Principals and their clients;
  • Market assessment, advisory and project development;
  • Design of commercial strategy for the successful integration of the product portfolios of our Principals into the systems and platforms of the clients;
  • Services with interface and communication in various different languages, such as English, German, Portuguese and Spanish;
  • Direct access, communication and contact at every management level of the Principal and its client.
  • Execution of Project until the final placement of the product into the catalogue;
  • Assistance in the identification of a suitable partner in Brazil, such as for assembly, integration, importation and distribution of products;
  • Preparation of periodical status reports to update the principal as to the commercial development of projects, providing a continuous assistance in the adaptation of the sales strategies o four principals, resulting in a long-lasting presence in the Brazilian market and helps creating a solid relationship between our principals and their clients;
  • Support in the post-sale and in the provision of warranty, technical assistance and integrated logistics support.
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